FURminator large deShedding Tool

FURminator large deShedding Tool
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4" deShedding stainless steel edge,large FURminator deShedding tool.

This is a great tool to remove dead/loose hair off from your dogs .

Manufacturer recommends this large deShedding tool for short or long haired dogs over 50lb.

We will offer this only when we can get them.

Our dog "Palette" loves this tool. I call her name,show this tool and she trots to me with big grin and position herself to be Furminated. A little bit of FURminator time makes her fall sleep.

Personally,I think this tool does great job removing the dead/loose hair off from her, and I love the easy grip handle. I first use comb to make sure no tangled hair is found on her and then, I use FURminator.

Brushing your dogs daily can distribute natural oil and promote healthy skin and coat. Also,daily brushing can reduce the airborne allergen that cause allergic reaction in human.

Here are some of the tips to use this tool.

When you use the FURminator,don't push the tool against the skin too hard,it can irritate the skin.Gentle brushing is all you need with this tool. Also, when you finish using the tool,make sure to keep the cap on to protect the tooth of the tool.

You can read/watch how our K9 executive chef "Palette" enjoys FURminator on taste testing blog entry by clicking "Treats taste testing blog category" button on menu board. The entry is titled "Palette's note: FURminator deShedding tool".

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