Natural Deer Antler M size 5 count

Natural Deer Antler M size 5 count
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100% Natural Deer Antlers M size 5 pieces bulk deal, harvested in US.

## Like any other chews, please supervise##

XS (recommend for dog up to 15lb) approx 2"-4"

S (recommend for dog 10 lb - 25 lb) approx 3"-6"

M (recommend for dog 15lb - 45lb) approx 4"-8"

L (recommend for dog 30lb - 80lb) approx 5"-10"

XL (recommend for dog 45lb and up) approx 6"-10"

XXL (recommend for dogs 60lb and up) approx 6"-14"

Antler size is determined by weight of the Antler,not length.

Note; Current delivery of M size Antler got a couple of longer straight one that is measured around 9"-10".If you do NOT want longer one,and rather would want shorter 4"-8" typical length, please let us know by filling out the special instruction box when checkout. We will be handing out from longer ones.

Deer Antlers is our dog Palette's favorite chew.

No mess on carpet, no smell, last lot longer than bully sticks.

Palette religiously goes back to this chew,2 times a day,and she usually chew about 15 minutes per session and the same L size Antler has been at our house for more than a year.

Deer Antlers provide natural minerals and it is much better choice for gnawing pleasure,and worth the cost for chew compare to bully sticks

No Antlers come with same shapes/color/thickness etc. as well,and it does not splinter. More like slowly saw down by chew.

You can read/watch how our K9 executive chef "Palette" enjoys her Antlers on taste testing blog entry by clicking "Treats taste testing blog category" button on menu board. The entry is titled "Long lasting chews/recreational bones for dogs", and "Palette's note:Deer Antlers".

This is not a chew if your dog was trying to put whole body weight on Antler and,try to break into half.

If the Antlers got small enough to swallow, please take it away to avoid choking hazard.

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