Beef Steak Snaps 4 oz

Beef Steak Snaps 4 oz
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This biscuits are made with unbleached whole wheat flour and grass-fed beef steak. This biscuits are crunchy,drool worthy biscuits with hint of beef steak furriends would back flip for.

The grass-fed meat is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and leaner than commercial grain fed meat and, they have more Beta carotene,Vitamin E, Vitamin B etc and nutritionally better.

Also, fully grass-fed meat contains higher level of CLA, which is “conjugated linoleic acid”, which is type of naturally occurring trans-fatty acid that improves brain function, causes weight loss, and reduces your risk of cancer. It is good for you and dogs as well.

It also means that, fully grass-fed meat has more good fat like Omega 3 fatty acids and less bad fat like saturated fat.

Visually, grass-fed meat has darker deep red compared to feedlot/grain-fed meat,almost identical color to raw Ahi Tuna Steak.very nutritious for your furriends to have one.

This is our beef steak biscuits made with better ingredients,nutrition for your dog in mind. Biscuits will be made to order,freshly baked before shipping time.All will be vacuum-packed to seal-in the freshness.

Please store this biscuits in freezer for longer shelf life in your air-tight zip bag after receiving your order.Biscuits are 1.75" in size, and 4 oz package contains approx 15-20 biscuits. However, biscuits are sold by weight and number of biscuits in one package can vary.

The white powder you see on the biscuits are from dusted flour.

Our biscuits are lab tested,and registered with department of agriculture.

Every 4 packages of Beef Steak Snaps 4 oz you buy, we will include one count of free 4oz Beef Steak Snaps in your order.

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