Dehydrated Fish treats 8 oz

Dehydrated Fish treats 8 oz
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Dehydrated Fish treats 8 oz,made in USA.

The dehydrated fish treats is dehydrated wild caught sardine,and these treats are Palette's favorite new treats which makes her very vocal and cannot get enough of.

This treats comes in 8 oz bag with approx 17-20 sardine,which is about 3"-5" long fish, in average.

Dehydrating process removes moisture out from fish, and it makes dehydrated fish treats crumble,and very easy to chew treats, and great for older dogs also,who might be appreciated for the easy to chew soft chew.

Sardine is one of oily fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids,and great addition to your dog's variety of healthy chews. I feed fresh sardine in Palette's diet regularly by rotating other oily omega 3 fatty acids rich fish such as mackerel,salmon,and herrings. Those are staple fresh food fish diet for her. Now and thewn,Palette gets wild caught sardine treats and,she gets so excited about the treats.This is small,soft,quick nice snack for dogs of all ages.

Due to natural products, each fish size can vary.

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