Grass-Fed Moo! Odor Free bully sticks Select 11"-12" 10pc

Grass-Fed Moo! Odor Free bully sticks Select 11"-12" 10pc
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11"-12" Grass-fed Moo! Odor-Free bully sticks Select 10 pieces, made in Argentina.

These are made from Grass-fed Angus beef that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life.

The company formally known as "Free Range Dog Chew" is changing their name to "Free Range Eco Naturals Dog Treats" and changed packaging to eco friendly package made in USA.

They are now making "Moo! Odor Free bully sticks" line products with grass-fed Angus beef from Argentina.

One thing that stands out with this bully sticks is that when your dog chew the bully sticks, it does not emit the offensive odor. I can sit right next to our dog who works on her bully sticks. When I sniff it before handing it to our dog, it does not have stinky smell to it to my nose and our dog adore this brand of bully sticks. People smell things differently but if you compare with other brands of bully sticks, you would find these bully sticks have much less odor to it to your nose.

Due to natural treats,thickness of the each bully sticks can vary.

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