Tail-Spin Flyer Small

Tail-Spin Flyer Small
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Tail-Spin Flyer Small.

Tail-Spin Flyer Small (formerly known as "Soft bite floppy disc") is the great Frisbee you and your dogs can play with.

This Small size Frisbee is 6.5" diameter.

The Frisbee is light in weight and it floats and it is easy to throw. Also, you can fold it to put it into your back pocket if you wanted to. They are not made from rubber, it is gentle on your dog's mouth to catch as well.

Our dog "Palette" goes crazy over with this toy and, now and then, she brings it over and toss it over to me as if to say "Hey,lets play!". She gets so excited and you can tell how much she loves to play with this toy. Her tail nub going side to side 200 mph when she waits for me to throw for her.

As with any chews,toys, please supervise.

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