Ginormous Invincible Snake Green

Ginormous Invincible Snake Green
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Ginormous Invincible Snakes Green.

Ginormous Invincible Snakes Green is a toy that squeak loud, and it never stops squeaking even if it were punctured. These snakes have no stuffing,also.

In the body, there are 12 loud squeakers. It is about 65" long from head to tail.

The one Palette has (Invincible Snake Green "Large") has its tail rattling sound but I found that this Ginormous one does not have rattling tail.However, it is one durable toys that let our furriends have a blast for long time. I enjoy watching our dog "Palette" playing Mr Invincible snakes.

You can read/watch how our K9 executive chef "Palette" enjoys her Invincible Snake Large on testing blog entry by clicking "Treats taste testing blog category" button on menu board. The entry is titled "Palette's note:Invincible Snake Toy".

As with any chews,toys, please make sure to supervise your dogs when they play with this toy.

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