Doggles - Insect Shield Dog Bandanna XL Red

Doggles - Insect Shield Dog Bandanna XL Red
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Doggles - Insect Shield Dog Bandanna XL Red.

Permethrin is toxic to cats so,please do not use this on cats.

Insect Shield Dog Bandanna uses insect repelling EPA registered technology to protect your dog from variety of insects such as mosquitoes,ticks,ants,flies,chiggers,and midges.

Active ingredient in the Bandanna is Permethrin;man made version of a natural repellant found in certain types of chrysanthemum flowers,and its fabric to make the Insect shield Dog Bandanna are bonded to Permethrin.

The company states that this Bandanna lasts long,and keeps protecting your dog from insects for 70 launderings.

Our K9 executive chef "Palette" uses T-shirt version one,and she wears Insect shield T-shirt for her walk.

With Bandanna, it is very easy for you to let your dogs wear it because all you need to do is to tie it on their neck.

The bandanna is XL size but this Bandanna is made to fit all sizes. For smaller dogs, you can fold them half to fit it better on them.

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