Doggles - Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt Gray Small

Doggles - Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt Gray Small
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Doggles - Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt Gray Small.

Permethrin is toxic to cats so,please do not use this on cats.

Insect Shield Dog T-Shirt uses insect repelling EPA registered technology to protect your dog from variety of insects such as mosquitoes,ticks,ants,flies,chiggers,and midges.

Active ingredient in the T-shirt is Permethrin;man made version of a natural repellant found in certain types of chrysanthemum flowers,and its fabric to make the Insect shield Dog T-shirt are bonded to Permethrin.

The company states that this T-shirt lasts long,and keeps protecting your dog from insects for 70 launderings.

As you see in the picture of our K9 executive chef "Palette" wearing this T-shirt (Palette is wearing Large size.), I have been using it for her and very happy about it.This is the reason why I decided to try offering the same T-shirt to your furriends.

I like a lot of things on this T-shirt.The T-shirt does not have insecticide like odor at all, and material is soft,light weight, and stretchy and comfortable for Palette to wear it and move around.

Also,it was very easy for me to let her wear the T-shirt/take the T-shirt off because this T-shirt was pull over style T-shirt and no tight/ridged materials are used for the T-shirt.All I needed to do was to put her head through the T-shirt and put her front legs through the arm holes,and that is it.It was very easy.

The material that sit around top of dog's spine are more like sports mesh like texture, and since it has holes on the T-shirt, clothe can breath and Palette looked comfortable wearing it on her walk as well.

Since she now goes for walk wearing the T-shirt.

I like the fact that Palette loves this T-shirt, and for me, since I prefer not to put harsh chemicals on her skin directly,I love these T-shirt.

T-shirt sizing recommendation

1. Measure Girth (chest size):measure all the way around chest/biggest part of ribcage right behind the front legs.

2. Measure back length; measure collar to the tailbone

** If you had a flexible measurement tape,it is best to use it but if you did not have one, take a string or ribbon and measure girth and back length with it,and then,measure the string or ribbon length using ruler. **

XS:Girth 12"-16",and back length from collar to tailbone 9"-13"

Small:Girth 16"-22",and back length from collar to tailbone 12"-16"

Medium:Girth 19"-24",and back length from collar to tailbone 17"-20"

Large:Girth 22"-28",and back length from collar to tailbone 19"-23"

XL:Girth 25"-31",and length from collar to tailbone 19"-25"

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