Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle
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Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle.

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle is the great interactive puzzle toy that let your dogs "think" to play.

This toys include DVD, Puzzle training guide, approx 14" round puzzle body, and 10 Dog bone shaped pegs to place in the bone shaped chambers that would stop the brick to slide to reveal the treats in the chamber for dogs to find.

To play, you can make the puzzle easier by not using the dog bone peg to stop the cover to slide to reveal the treats in the chamber for dogs to find, starting with the bottom chamber with treats half shown,half covered so he can see the treats in the chamber.

To make it a little harder, you can place the dog bone pegs into the chamber, and dogs have to dislodge the dog bone to be able to slide the cover to find the treats in chambers.

Our dog "Palette" goes nuts with food based dog puzzle like this.

Dogs are to use eyes,paws, muzzle etc to take treats out from the puzzle.

Personally, I am a big fan of Interactive toys and,I usually do not tell her how to play with it, just letting her figure out by herself.

You can actually put all kinds of treats and,you can also use this toy at meal time if your dogs tend to eat kibbles too fast. You can put handful each time, as oppose to put all the kibbles per time for meal time fun.

As with any chews,toys, please make sure to supervise when they play with this toy.

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