Star Spinner Dog puzzle toy

Star Spinner Dog puzzle toy
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Star Spinner Dog puzzle toy.

Star Spinner Dog puzzle toy is the interactive puzzle toy that let your dogs "think" to play.

This puzzle toys is about 10" star that hide treats in 10 chambers (5 chambers in each level) in the puzzle and spins in either directions to reveal the treats.

Our dog "Palette" loves puzzle toy and this is one of them.

To play, you will hide the treats in all or selected chambers in the puzzle toy. Dogs are to use eyes,paws, muzzle etc to spin the puzzle to reveal the treats inside the puzzle toy.

Personally, I am a big fan of Interactive toys and,I usually do not tell her how to play with it, just letting her figure out by herself. I enjoy watching "Palette" figuring out how to get the hidden treats out.

For our dog "Palette", this toy is not a difficult toy to solve but, if you do feed kibbles, I can see you can use this toy as feeder and let your dogs to have fun using the meal time.

As with any chews,toys, please make sure to supervise when they play with this toy.

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