Extreme King Kong Chew Toy XX-Large Black

Extreme King Kong Chew Toy XX-Large Black
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Extreme King Kong Chew Toy XX-Large Black made in USA.

Kong Chew Toy are available in 3 sizes.

## Like any other chews, please supervise##

Classic Kong Small Red (recommend for dog up to 20lb) 3"

Classic Kong Large Red (recommend for dog 30-65lb) 4"

Extreme King Kong XX-Large Black (recommend for dogs 85lb and up) 6"

*** Red color Kong is for average chewers,and black colored Kong is for aggressive chewers.***

Kong chew toys are great interactive toys for your dogs,and they are staple chew toys at many houses. In fact, our k9 executive chef "Palette" grew up with this toy and it has been one of her favorite chew toys.

With Kong toys, you can stuff it with biscuits, with cool down treats recipes from our blog site (You can find the recipes with series titled "Palette's treats diary" under Dog Diet category) and freeze them, or with your dogs' meal and freeze them etc. You can be creative with how you stuff this chew toys with.

These Kong toys will keep your dogs busy and happy for long time. Dogs will work hard to get to the treats by licking, chewing, tossing in the air to get to the treats.It helps satisfying the urge of chewing.

Kong chew toys are made of durable rubber and they are very bouncy toys.Due to its odd shape, they bounce to unpredictable directions and, they are fun toys to play with as well.

Our k9 executive chef "Palette" loves this Kong chew toy and she works very hard to get to the treats inside the Kong,and once they are gone, she likes to toss it in the air and let it bounce and catch them. Palette and I also like to play fetch game with this toy.

Sometimes, unpredictable bouncing direction fools her and she misses the catch but she has blast playing with these toys.

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