Tail Teasers Pole and Replacement

Tail Teasers Pole and Replacement
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Tail Teasers Pole and Replacement.

Tail teasers toy is fun interactive toy you can play with your dogs. Pole is flexible long fiberglass rod that has woven nylon cord, and it has furry cute tail toy that squeak and rattle.This toy is one piece design.

Rod is about 41" long, and joint where rod and nylon cord meet is reinforced with durable rubber collar.Manufacturer states that rod tolerates 18 lb of hanging weight on the squeaky tail area.

To play with your dogs, you will dangle the squeaky toy around them and as they chase and grab, you can make the toy jumps and moves around by lifting the rod up and down,right and left. Dogs will try chasing the squeaky tail and grab. If you have cats in the house, they might enjoy playing with this toy along side with your dogs.

Each Tail Teaser Pole comes with two squeaky tails; one already set up with cord, and the other as a replacement. Each is different collars.

Our K9 executive chef adores squeaky toy and added rattling sound seems fascinate her and she loves to chase the tail and tries to tug with me.

As with any chews,toys, please make sure to supervise with this toy.

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