Free Range American Lamb Trachea 5" - 10"

Free Range American Lamb Trachea 5" - 10"
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Free Range American Lamb Trachea made in USA.

These are made from Free Range American Lamb that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life.

Due to natural products,lamb trachea's color can vary from batch to batch .

Trachea provides natural Glucosamine/chondroitin and,it is especially great for Arthritis dogs. Beef version of Trachea treat is known with name "moo-tube","windee" etc.

This treat is crunchy,and great snack for dogs.Our k9 executive chef "Palette" loves this Lamb Trachea and you cannot pass by her if you were holding this treats in your hands, even if she looked like napping deeply. She perks her head up and soon start following you and she would try positioning herself in front of you with nice "sit".

I use this chew as occasional jackpot treats for her favorite game - "Find your toy" game. She stays at one spot and I go hide her toy and she sniff out the toy and bring it back to me for exchange with her favorite lamb trachea.

Due to natural dog treats,thickness,length,color of the trachea can vary.

You can read/watch how our K9 executive chef "Palette" enjoys her Free Range American Lamb Trachea on taste testing blog entry by clicking "Treats taste testing blog category" button on menu board. The entry is titled "Palette's note:Free Range American Lamb Trachea".

You can also buy in bulk, 12 pieces package.

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