Dog Bone Clicker

Dog Bone Clicker
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Dog Bone Clicker from Vo Toys with tone adjustment.

Available in 3 assorted colors; Red,Yellow, and Green, and they are with stainless steel tongue. This dog bone clicker size is about 2"x1.25"x0.75".

Please let us choose the color of the clicker.

Our K9 executive chef "Palette" is clicker trained, and this clicker is the one I use for her training. Our k9 executive chef "Palette" is sensitive to sound, and I use this Dog bone clicker with tone adjustment.

You may not notice huge tone difference with just hearing the sound of this Dog Bone Clicker, but if you click the box typed clicker and click this Dog Bone Clicker side by side, you then would notice that this clicker's tone is not as loud as box typed clicker but loud enough for your dogs to know they have earned the rewards.

Clicker training is great way to teach your dogs good behaviors positive way. Clicker enable you to tell your dogs which exact moment of their behavior earned the rewards.

Therefore, you will see the reliable behavior much faster, and during the clicker training session, you will see that dogs are actually "thinking" what behavior got you click the clicker and rewarded. It is great mental exercise as well.

Last but not least, you will see your dogs enthusiastically participating the training session with huge dog smiles on their face. Clicker training is very fun and, kids can learn how to use the clicker correctly, and teach your dogs positive way.

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