Terry Ryan Treat Pouch (Formerly Gentle Leader Treat Pouch)

Terry Ryan Treat Pouch (Formerly Gentle Leader Treat Pouch)
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Terry Ryan Treat Pouch (Formerly Gentle Leader Treat Pouch). This treat bag is now manufactured by Karen Pryor Clicker training ,not by Premier pet products.

Available in black color.The treat bag size is 8.5" width, 6" height and about 1/4" thick when closed.

Adjustable belt is adjustable from 34" to about 46".

Terry Ryan Treat Pouch was designed by famous dog trainer Terry Ryan, and this treat pouch comes with small training tips booklet.

This treat bag is worn around waist with adjustable belt, or you can take off the adjustable belt and you can use the clip on backside of the pouch and clip to your pocket or your belt.

Terry Ryan treat pouch top can pops open to about little less than 3.5" forward for quick access to the training treats, and it has metal strip inside the top part. So, the bag stays open and, very efficient for smooth training session.

To close the bag, all you do is to just push the front, and it shuts.

On the front part, you can find a small compartment to organize things such as clickers,waste bags,and you can find the small compartment with zipper on back of this treat pouch. It also has a key ring on one side so, if you needed to keep keys,clickers etc, you can attach those to the key ring.

The training tip booklet that comes with the treat pouch has section of cleaning tip of this treat pouch and it says to put in the washer but I wouldn't.Just wipe with wet cloth or hand wash would be enough.

I like the design, and functionality and I think if you train your dog outside your house such as puppy training class or field training, these treat pouch will be nice.

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