Buffalo liver Baguette Biscuits 4 oz

Buffalo liver Baguette Biscuits 4 oz
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Formerly known as "Baguette biscuits" is now called "Buffalo liver Baguette Biscuits. No ingredients,no process of making has changed.Only name has changed since we are going to be adding different kind of Baguette biscuits later.

New Label picture can be found on the product detail page.

Inspired by our dog Palette's love of baguette,we came up with this very first original biscuits that are baked light,puffed pawfection.

We use fully grass-fed American Buffalo liver.We do not use the grass-fed buffalo liver with grain finished.Liver in general is very nutritious for dogs;high in Vitamin A,good source of vitamin B, Iron, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium.Grass-fed meat has higher amount of omega3(good for skin and coat),high in protein and low in fat compare to commercial meat.

This is our liver biscuits with a little exotic twist using fully grass-fed buffalo liver.Biscuits will be made to order,freshly baked before shipping time.All will be vacuum-packed to seal-in the freshness.

Please store this biscuits in freezer for longer shelf life in your air-tight zip bag after receiving your order.Biscuits are 1.5" in size, and 4 oz package contains approx 14-18 biscuits. However, biscuits are sold by weight and number of biscuits in one package can vary.

You can read/watch how our K9 executive chef "Palette" enjoys her Baguette biscuits on taste testing blog entry by clicking "Treats taste testing blog category" button on menu board. The entry is titled "Palette's note:Baguette biscuits".

Our biscuits are lab tested,and registered with department of agriculture.

Every 4 packages of Buffalo liver Baguette biscuits you buy, we will include one count of free 4oz Baguette biscuits in your order.

Although this biscuit does not contain Peanuts, these are prepared in the kitchen that has.

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