Welcome to Yassy's Gourmet Dog Kitchen.

We specialize in all natural dog treats made with simple ingredient, and long lasting chew "Deer Antlers". Many of the treats you find here are single ingredient treats.All tried by Palette the k9 executive chef and true treats.

We will close our business. If you would like to take over our inventory after inventory counting,at whole sale price plus actual shipping fee, please let us know.We do not accept individual orders anymore.

We will change stock number to zero gradually but as long as you see it shown on website, it means, we still got the item.We do this to avoid taking individual orders. If we had orders coming in for individual orders, we will cancel them.

* Everything you find here is taste tested and approved by our k9 executive chef "Palette"

* You will find only the products we have tried out in Palette's training etc and loved

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Our k9 executive chef "Palette" taste testing every treats we offer, and only Palette's approved treats are offered to your furry friends.

Your furry friends will receive following benefits from us that includes

* ALWAYS receive nutritious,healthy,flavorful treats

* Only Palette's approved tasty treats with simple ingredients.

** We specialize in 100% all natural dog treats made from grass-fed animals that received NO antibiotic,NO growth hormone in their life and long lasting gnaw-worthy Deer Antlers.

Please remember to bookmark this page for your next treat hunt for your furry friends. Also,you can find us on Facebook and get "fan only" coupon codes and offer.

To see our page,you need to be logged into your Facebook account first, and then click the link below.If you click the link below first, click "Return Home" linkable on the page you have landed,then, log into your face book account to see our page.

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Yassy's Gourmet Dog Kitchen

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