About Us

In 2005,we got our first stumpy little Pembroke welsh corgi "Palette".

I admit I spoiled her and baked many yummy thing for her special birthday.Palette loves our homemade pizza night or homemade bread.I take time and make everything from scratch.

She sits VERY pretty next to us and being hopeful and wait for bread rain.She waits with drool and show-off her various repertories of tricks to see if any of her show-off tricks can bring bread rain.I realized that she likes crunchy,chewy thing and,she really liked my home-made bread.

This repetitive scenes inspired me to come up with our first baguette biscuits recipe.And,I started baking these every Christmas for our neighbor dogs or in laws dogs along with my 12 kinds of Christmas cookies I bake every Christmas for human neighbors and in laws.

Those dog biscuits were well accepted by them,and our dogs really cannot wait for bed-time for I give biscuits as before bed snack,and eventually,it lead to create the K9 Restaurant For Good Dogs;"Yassy's Gourmet Dog Kitchen".

At one point,we changed our dog's diet to rawfeeding,and started paying more attention to what we feed to Palette including treats and we stopped giving commercial-made colorful doggy treat with preservatives,artificial color,artificial flavor etc.

I take time reading the ingredients in the treats,and try to choose as natural treat as possible without any fillers.

These days,I see many fancy biscuits.Yogurt dipped biscuits?Carob dipped biscuits?Frosted biscuits?Wow,sounds fancy!But wait!!What is the first ingredient of those??SUGAR!Red,yellow,blue.That looks pretty cute treat! But WAIT!Coloring is not good for dogs and cause diarrhea,and you are paying more for that coloring.

Bacon flavored treats?That sounds tasty but,artificial flavoring?? If we wanted to give our dog bacon flavored treat,we would give her real bacon,not fake flavored treats.We do not carry peanut butter biscuit.Why?Look at the label of Peanut butter jar.It says peanut,oil,sugar.Plus,did you know that 1 tbs of peanut butter contains 90 kcal?That is a lot of calories in one bite!

We do not use vanilla extract in biscuits.Why?Look at the label. It says vanilla,alcohol,corn syrup.It is not something we want to fill up our dog with.If we wanted to use vanilla in biscuits,we rather use real vanilla beans.Too much fat, too much sugar cause diarrhea too.

Also,we see more HOLISTIC treats on the market and those use natural preservative.Sounds healthier,doesn't it?What do they use?Vitamin E.It can be a cause of itch because Vitamin E is mainly delivered from soybean oil and many dogs are allergic to soy.

Flaxseed?That is good for HUMAN but it is not always the case to assume what is good for human is good for dogs.Flaxseed is high in omega3 and can use as natural preservative so,many treats have them,but dog cannot convert ALA to EPA and DHA well.Flaxseed has Alpha-linolenic Acid, ALA.They need to be converted to EPA and DHA, the form of omega 3 the body uses.

Then,flaxseed must be milled to get the benefit out of it but within hours,it goes rancid.If we wanted to give omega3 in our dog's meal,we rather use fish oil;fish oil has EPA,DHA which dogs can easily use in the body.

All our biscuits and Jerky are freshly made to order.

Our biscuits are so simple yet wholesome,and Jerky is 100 percent meat without lengthy ingredients list.

We specialize in all natural treats made with simple ingredients and many of the treats we offer are single ingredient treat.

Our k9 executive chef taste test treats/toys etc..and only Palette's approved treats are offered to your furry furriends.

You can also see pictures,taste testing video at our blog site as well.

Come bark at us and,we will throw palette's approved gourmet treat for your dog to fetch.Make your bond with your dog stronger through pawsitive training with these treats,and give them better treats to indulge.

Enjoy the treat hunt with your furry friends!!