Surf Turf Jerky 1 oz

Surf Turf Jerky 1 oz
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This is 100% meat Jerky "Surf Turf Jerky" made with fully grass-fed American buffalo meat with wild caught Alaskan salmon with skin on.We do not use the grass-fed buffalo meat with grain finished.

Since we have sold out salmon meat, until January,Surf Turf Jerky will not be available.Thank you.

The Jerky strip is approx 5" long and 4-6 strips of Jerky will be in the package. Jerky will be made to order(we start making them approx. 16hrs before shipping time,and we offer freshest Jerky ever on the market),and sold by weight.

Since we sell by weight, Jerky strips' number can vary. We do not use preservative and these need to be stored in your freezer for long shelf life in air-tight zip bag.

This is perfect as training treat.

In fact,this is one of the training treats we use for our k9 executive chef "Palette". And she taste test each batch,also. This is one of Palette's favorite snack/training treats that makes her very excited enough to hear her panting while training session with drool around her mouth.

Our Surf Turf Jerky is lab-tested and is registered with department of agriculture

You can read/watch how much our k9 executive chef "Palette" gets excited for this Surf Turf Jerky on taste testing blog entry by clicking "Treats taste testing blog category" button on menu board. The entry is titled "Palette's note:Surf Turf Jerky".

Every 4 packages of Surf Turf Jerky you buy, you will receive 1 count of free 1 oz package of Surf Turf Jerky.

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