Grass-fed Moo!Angus Beef Taffy Bites 8 oz

Grass-fed Moo!Angus Beef Taffy Bites 8 oz
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Grass-fed Angus Beef Taffy Bites 8 oz made in Argentina.

These are made from Grass-fed beef that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life.

This Taffy bites is made from weasand (gullet),and they have various taffy treats in one package (taffy chips, sticks, bones, springs, bully rolls, taffy wrapped trachea, etc.) for your dog to enjoy variety of taffy treats in one bag. Numbers of treats in one package can vary.Weight of the each bag is 8 oz.

Each piecein the package is bite size pieces anywhere from 2" to 5" or 6". They are great as small snack/chew for dogs.

Good for smaller dogs. Larger dogs love them too, but will consume them faster.

Since gullet is great natural source of Glucosamine,it is especially great for Arthritis dogs.

Due to natural treats,shape and size can vary.

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