Zippy Burrow-Dog House XL

Zippy Burrow-Dog House XL
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Zippy Burrow-Dog House XL.

Zippy Burrow-Dog House XL is the interactive puzzle toy that let your dogs "think" to play.

This toys include 7"x7" plush dog house, and 3 squeaky dogs that hide inside the plush dog house.

The squeaky dog is about 5.5" from head to butt.The hole of the plush dog house is about 2".

To play, you will hide the 3 squeaky dogs inside the plush dog house, maybe position them to look like peeking through the dog house holes. Dogs are to use eyes,paws, muzzle etc to take squeaky dogs out from the house.

Personally, I am a big fan of Interactive toys and,I usually do not tell her how to play with it, just letting her figure out by herself.

You can actually put all kinds of treats and other toys inside the plush dog house if you like.

As with any chews,toys, please make sure to supervise when they play with this toy.

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